IPO Cascade

Perpetual Cascade

The combined characteristics of creating a Cascade Program focused exclusively on launching Perpetual Companies results in a level of stability, continuity and perenniality that provides an overwhelming competitive advantage.

Enshrining the perpetual nature of the issuing companies, in the bylaws and shareholder agreements, protects the capital structure from potential future corporate raiders. It also ensures the perennial nature of the entity which infers a number of additional advantages, namely:

  • prevents short-term distractions due to stability concerns
  • focuses management attention on long-term objectives
  • allows for a truly strategic outlook
  • attracts genuine long-term capital
  • provides investors with a rare opportunity for genuine stability

These characteristics of longevity and stability that define the Perpetual Company structure, are amplified within the Perpetual Cascade. In a regular Cascade, the failure of a single IPO may unduly impact a specific tier or individual funder within the framework. Whereas, in a Perpetual Cascade, the resilience of each Perpetual Company, resulting from its secured capital structure, further reinforces the stability and strength of the Cascade as a whole.

A single Perpetual Company may create a stand-alone eternal structure that continues through generations, but a Perpetual Cascade has the power to build a perennial dynastic oak with deep roots and a multitude of powerful branches.